Here at Sports Destiny, we have a hand picked team of coaches, who have both knowledge and many years of experience in the sporting industry, with all of our staff previously working for a number of coaching, business  companies and schools across London. Our ethos is to help the children of today reach their full potential for tomorrow. 


Sports Destiny UK strives to maintain the highest standards of delivery in every aspect of our services to ensure that our clients have the best possible sporting experience. 

Denis Hasanaj

Founder & Director


  • Masters In Sports Management 

  • Sports Coaching Degree at University of East London

  • F.A. Level 1 in Coaching Football

  • Over 7 Years of Teaching Physical Education in London

  • F.A. Youth Module 1

  • Emergency First Aid award

  • Child protection award

  • Trained in Positive handling 

  • Qualified Referee 

Michael Slavtchev

Executive Officer 

Micheal is a very lively coach, who works well with parents and children whilst executing his responsibilities as a coach. Micheal has been working at LAFC for the last five years and has recently gained the FA Football Coaching Level 2. His aim is to one day coach for a professional club, at home or abroad. 

Ahmad Badshah

Team Leader​

Ahmad is a very talented artist and has been with Sports Destiny UK since its first footsteps. Ahmad has developed and created various types of logos for many different types of organisations. His most recent creation was the logo for Sports Destiny UK.

Gredi Cakoni 

Head of Recruitment/ Head Coach​

Gredi is vital to Sports Destiny UK as he brings a large amount of experience with him. Gredi has had the privilege to train with many football teams across London. He is currently, playing for London Tigers whilst doing his full time job and also supporting Sports Destiny UK.

Sports Destiny UK aims to ensure that all of our clients receive a satisfying service when they select our products. I have been working across schools and colleges for over 7 years and I have also believed that individuals should be motivated to participate in sports.